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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Vallejo! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Vallejo, CA. If you are seeing or hearing signs that you may have wildlife active in or around your property, then we are always here to help, with our friendly telephone team available to take calls around the clock. We know that hearing these sounds can be alarming, so we will always listen to your situation, and try to provide practical steps and advice for free, along with reassurance if you would like one of our technicians to visit your property. We can deal with all aspects of wildlife removal from mammals to reptiles, along with removing dead animals and offering clean-up and repair services once the animals have been removed. Working hard to keep our prices competitive is one of our principles, but we also make sure that the job is done right as well. All of our technicians are trained to the latest standards and we are fully licensed to operate in the area. A major concern for many of our customers is their safety after an animal infestation, with diseases such as leptospirosis and salmonella that can be transmitted by animal feces, which is why our technicians will offer a cleaning and disinfecting service to help keep your family safe. Call us now at 707-241-9994 for your Vallejo wildlife control needs.

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Vallejo Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Do California Pest Control Companies Remove Bats? If So, Do They Do a Good Job?

Bats can give you a lot of problems. If they decide to roost inside your Vallejo house during winter, you might find your attic or barns having a lot of bats’ droppings. They can also bring diseases. They can also scratch you if you don’t know how to handle them. 

If you know what to do, it can be easy to remove the bats from your California attic. You can install devices that can drive them to go away from your house without getting them back again. However, to ensure that you are driving them away successfully, you have to seal all entrances inside your home.

If you are a busy person, it can be a hassle to look for small holes and bat entry points on every corner of your house.  One thing that you can do is to hire a professional. 

What to Look for When Hiring a Professional

1. A great Vallejo pest control company can identify the bat species at first glance. They know the habits, diet and life cycles of these bats. They should also know the laws of the states when it comes to elimination them. 

2. A great pest control company should not use poison or insecticides in any forms. There is no known insecticide today that can kill bats. The use of poison is prohibited. If the government hears about it, you can face jail time and enormous fines. Poisons are not only harmful to the bats, but it is also harmful to you and your family. 

3. A professional knows how to eliminate the California bats without harming them. Bats have short lifecycles. They can only live three to five years. They can only reproduce one to two babies in a year. This is why bats can go extinct if not properly handled.

4. A pest control technician can help you clean the bats’ guano. Guano has ammonia, carbon dioxide and many other bacteria on it. You have to hire a professional that knows how to clean your attic really well with the use of detergents.

5. An effective pest control technician should not use any mothballs. Mothballs are dangerous to small children and pets. There are not enough pieces of evidence that show mothballs as effective bat deterrents. Hire someone who has a decade of experience, has a license, and knows what he is doing.

Hiring a California professional pest control company is an option for you if you want to effectively remove the bats. You can call your local pest company, ask them several questions and see if they know what you are talking about. You can also ask them about the steps that they will take if you hire them. Getting rid of bats can save you a lot of effort, time and money if you hire a professional.

You can also do your own research. If you don’t want to do the DIY method, call a Vallejo pro today.