Common Types of Damages That Skunks Can Cause Under Our Vallejo Homes

All of us are familiar on the horrible scent of the Vallejo skunk’s spray. Once a skunk decided to establish its den under your house, you will realize how unbearable it is to share your house with them. Those who have a skunk infestation have a higher risk of getting sprayed by the creature. It is essential that you conduct removal method immediately as soon as you notice the first sign of skunk infestation before it even caused costly damages.

Damages under Our Home that Can Be Caused by Skunk

The skunk will usually be in conflict with the California homeowners since their digging and foraging habit will cause certain damages. While living under the porch, our house can also appear and look unsanitary due to the mess that they create and the suffocating odor of their spray. If you are not confident that you can handle them safely, you may want to hire the service of the professional skunk removal company to get them off your property without any delay.

Damage on the Vallejo House Foundation

Once the skunk found an opening under our California porch, they will immediately establish their den in this area. The space under our porch is dark and humid which make it an excellent place for them. In addition, this is an obscure area that allows them to stay here for weeks without being detected by humans and predators. Unfortunately, skunks have a habit to build their den close to the foundation of the house. In case it rains, the water might enter their den that will weaken the foundation of our house. This will lead to costly repairs. In order to prevent this from happening, you will have to install barriers under your house.

The Obnoxious Spray

You will know that you are being invaded by the skunk through the irritating stench of their spray. The smell of the skunk is too strong that you will smell the creature before you even encounter them in your yard. In case you think that this will not lead to costly repairs, think again. In a report that happened in Pennsylvania, a family spent around $30,000 in repairing the damages caused by the skunk’s spray.

The Mess

The California skunk has a habit to rummage our trash bin to collect foods. They are not picky eaters and they will survive in just about anything that can be eaten in our trash can. Dealing with the scattered trash every morning is quite annoying. They can also easily destroy the trashcan especially if it is made from plastic. Invest on a metal trashcan that comes with a locking mechanism to keep the skunks at bay.

Aside from these damages, the Vallejo skunks are also possible carriers of diseases. Since they are living under your house, this will expose the homeowners to zoonotic diseases. They may carry tularemia, rabies, Leptospirosis, and distemper that may affect our pets. Once you get rid of them consider using simple house modification to deter the future infestation.

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