The Natural Diet of California Pigeons - Surprising Foods They LOVE!

Pigeons are known for their voracious appetite. They are opportunistic Vallejo eaters that will munch on just about anything that seems edible. They are adaptable creatures that will devour a mixture of waste food, insects, seeds, vegetables, and grains. They will not usually fight for food but the size of their colony can contribute to the transmission of the disease and conflicts.

Pigeons are Not Picky When It Comes to the Things They Eat

There are some California birds that will be quite picky with regards to the things that they eat, but pigeon will not be one of those birds. They will generally feast on the various types of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and grains that they will encounter in the wild. However, they are not considered herbivore since they will occasionally prey on snails, insects, and worms. Their features such as their round body and blunt beaks are not essentially designed to hunt, which is why they will usually eat vegetations.

Food Scarps

When the Vallejo pigeons are in the urban settings, they will highly rely on human for their daily food. Pigeons, just like the other nuisance creature in the urban settings have learned to scavenge for their food. You will find them outside of the restaurants waiting for the next food scrap to be thrown at them. From the large servings of food to small crumbs of breads, there is absolutely nothing that can escape the incredible senses of the pigeons. The local community will usually discourage their residents from feeding the pigeons since it will usually arise to certain conflicts. When they are receiving their daily sustenance from the human, their fear towards us will disappear. They will then be bold to invade our properties which can cause damages and disease transmission.

Looking for Their Meal

Even when the colony of the pigeon is substantially large, they will normally stay away from any form of confrontation. The California pigeons will choose to stay in huge open areas. This allows them to easily hunt for their foods. You will find them in the playground, parks, landfills, and town squares. The open areas provide them with extreme visibility that enables them to escape as soon as they notice a sign of an apparent danger. 

Commercial Foods

Since some California people choose to keep pigeons as pets, there are commercially available pigeon meals that the pet owner may purchase. This is actually a combination of various vegetables, seeds, and grains that is specifically intended to address the nutritional needs of the pigeons. Those pigeons that live by eating the commercial foods can live 15 years while the pigeons in the wild will only have a lifespan of 3 years. 

Knowing the natural diet of the Vallejo food will enable you to make your yard less pleasing to their eyes and look for the bait that will attract them. You can also protect your vegetables and fruits by using barriers such as bird nettings. This will greatly minimize the conflict that may arise from the infestation of the pigeons.

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