How to Find Out Where Vallejo Rats Are Getting In and SEAL Your Entry Points Correctly!

It is highly important to inspect your Vallejo house periodically especially if you suspect that you are experiencing a rat infestation. You will have to inspect the area of your house during the period when the activity of the rat is elevated. Once you noticed some droppings, tracks, and damages, you will have to perform exclusion to protect your house from their infestation. 

Ways to Identify the Entry Holes of the Rats

When looking for the entry points of the California rats, you will have to look for a hole that is at least the size of the nickel. These holes should be covered with hard construction materials such as galvanized hardware cloths or steel plate. Sealing the holes will help you limit their access to your property.

Start on the Less Frequented Areas

The Vallejo rats will prefer to stay in the areas that you rarely visit. This is the best way to start your inspection. Look for any gaps, cracks and holes in your garage, basement, and attic. These are the areas where they can possibly dwell. Start to look for signs of infestation such as nesting materials, tracks, droppings, and others. Identifying the presence of rat activity will allow you to concentrate your efforts in the place of infestation. This will greatly increase the success of thwarting their activities.

Looking for Signs

The identification of the California rat holes will become easier if you know how to look for the common signs of their presence. For instance, the rat has a tendency to leave rub marks on their trails. This will help you determine the access point that they commonly use. There may also be bite marks on the holes that they are trying to enlarge. The rat can increase the size of the hole to more than 2 inches to provide them with an easy access.

Prepare some Tools for Inspection

When looking for the potential access point of the rat, you need to prepare the necessary equipments that will make the entire process expedient. For the dark areas, you may have to use a head lamp. You should also wear protective masks and gloves. You don’t want to accidentally inhale the spores of their droppings that contain bacteria that can cause diseases. When checking the exterior of your house, you will have to use ladders. 24-ft ladder would be suitable for 2-story and 12-ft would be excellent for bungalows.

Finally, you will have to prepare materials that you will use to seal the entry points. According to the study, the California rats will chew anything that is softer than their teeth. This means that wood materials will not be suitable to cover the holes. Galvanized hardware cloth, wire mesh, and steel plate would be a better alternative. 

Home inspection is a key aspect in preventing Vallejo rat infestation. If the rat is inside your home, this means that there is a reason why they are getting inside and you will have to determine the cause to bring an end to your infestation problem.

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